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Hi, I'm Matías!

I'm a Chilean Software Engineer, I like to share what I learn. I guide myself by the idea of "Learn in Public. Welcome to my little corner in the internet, my "digital garden". I create content mostly focused to the Spanish speaker community, but I also create some content in English.

Lessons and courses at Egghead

I love teaching and had a great opportunity to be a part of Egghead. The lessons and courses at egghead are the first and perhaps most important audio material that I make

I also write on Freecodecamp

Freecodecamp is a non-profit organization for teaching software development and training future developers. I have the honor and pleasure to write for your editorial in Spanish and English.

What are React Server Components?

What are React Server Components?

The team behind React thought it'd be a great way to end the year by dangling a new feature for the already popular library out in front of developers. On December 21st the team revealed a talk that was showing off this new feature, called React Server Components (RCS). In


I write some Articles

A digital garden is a digital space full of interconnected ideas and information collected, curated and always in progress over time. This implies that within this space there will be content that is not yet "blooming" or even found in the state of seed or germination. A set of ideas that keep in progress. It will be focused on Javascript, React and web development in general. This is my personal selection of those seeds.

Setting up a MonoRepo with Yarn Workspaces

The folder structure and module management of an application can become very complex and cumbersome as the application grow.

#Yarn, #MonoRepo

Unit, Integration and e2e, what to test?

Write tests. Not too many. Mostly integration.

#testing, #unit testing, #integration test, #e2e

Mantente al día con más Javascript, React, Typescript y otros temas de interés

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🧡 Hecho full JamStack con Gatsby, Hosteado en Netlify. Hermoseado gracias a TailwindCSS. Gracias a @benrogerson por la genial twin.macro 🤘