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Hello! I'm Matias 👋

I am a Chilean product / software engineer, father, podcaster, and content creator. I was born in 1986 and grew up in a small town on the Maule coast, Chile. I studied Civil Computer Engineering (something like Computer Engineering) and got my first real job in a startup from some colleagues creating computer vision software. I have written code for:

  • Various clients through Toptal
  • Modus Create
  • Flexiana
  • g2i

Currently I have added to the job of building products the role of "educator". I am on a mission to create content about web development that can contribute to the Spanish-speaking community and thus help others through what I have already learned. For this I have two podcasts, I write on this site and in [freecodecamp] ( and I create video content for [] (http: / / And I am somewhat addicted to [Twitter] (

While I was in the University I met who became my life partner and wife with whom I have two beautiful children.

During 2020 I had some accolades that I am proud of.

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Mantente al día con más Javascript, React, Typescript y otros temas de interés

🎉 📩 🎉

🧡 Hecho full JamStack con Gatsby, Hosteado en Netlify. Hermoseado gracias a TailwindCSS. Gracias a @benrogerson por la genial twin.macro 🤘